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ActiveCampaign for Sales is one of the best CRM software in recent times. We believe in the power of small businesses and we're here to make your life easier with our affordable CRM software. With our advanced features, we optimize your entire sales process. We don't just offer basic CRM software, we provide robust tools to capture, qualify, and engage your leads. Win more business with ActiveCampaign, where we've designed everything with you in mind. Our standout features include:
  • Sales Force Automation: Time-saving automation that drives sales.
  • Contact & Account Management: Streamline your contacts and accounts for a seamless customer experience.
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management: Monitor your opportunities and sales pipeline effectively.
  • Task / Activity Management: Manage your tasks and daily activities efficiently.
  • Territory & Quota Management: Control your territories and meet your quotas with ease.
  • Desktop Integration: Integrate with your desktop for quick access and convenience.
  • Product & Price List Management: Manage your products and pricing effortlessly.
  • Quote & Order Management: Deliver quotes and manage orders seamlessly.
  • Customer Contract Management: Handle your customer contracts like a pro.
  • Customer Support Case Management: Solve customer issues with an organized system.
  • Customer Support Portal: An easy-to-use platform for your customers to get the support they need.
  • Knowledge Base Support: Access to a comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Analytics Reporting & Dashboards: Comprehensive reporting and a user-friendly dashboard that provides forecasting.
Our focus is on the ActiveCampaign price value, ensuring we offer a solution that's affordable for small businesses. We've got raving ActiveCampaign reviews that validate our quality and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to improve your sales performance and help you surpass your goals. We're customer-obsessed, your success drives everything we do at 'ActiveCampaign for Sales'. Don't just take our word for it, sign up for a free trial and see the results for yourself. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, which is why we offer customizable plans to fit your specific business needs. Our customer support team is always available to assist you, whether it's setting up or using our software. Join the ActiveCampaign family


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Automate your sales funnel. Create nurture campaigns for the deals that aren’t quite ready to close.

Find leads most engaged with your business and content. Add scores to overall deals and individual contacts.

Track the performance of individual members of your team and your sales funnel.


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