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Looking for the best video conferencing software? One that's easy to use, free to try, and available on all your devices? Say hello to BlueJeans Meetings! This software is just as impressive as its name! It's not just another business video conferencing tool—it's a game-changer, designed to make your team collaborations more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable.

BlueJeans Meetings offers a comprehensive set of services and features. Whether you're on your mobile or desktop, or even using your browser, BlueJeans is there to connect you with your team. Versatility and smoothness are paramount, my friends!

Here are the Features offered by BlueJeans Meetings:

  • Various conferencing options: Choose from audio and video conferencing. Match your needs and preferences and let your meetings flow.

  • Participant permissions: Control who can join your meetings and what they can do, ensuring only the right people are in the room.

  • Recording features: Did you miss a meeting? No problem! With BlueJeans, you can record, store, and share your meetings. You can even watch them back later.

  • In-Browser Application: No need for downloads or installs. Just open your browser, click, and join. It's as simple as that!

  • One-Click Join: Jump into meetings with just one click. No more fumbling around with meeting codes and passwords.

  • Live chat and screen sharing: Share your ideas and your screen with everyone simultaneously, fostering better understanding and collaboration.

  • Scheduling: Plan your meetings ahead of time and avoid overlapping appointments.

One of the greatest advantages of BlueJeans Meetings is its seamless integration with a wide range of platforms, including Google Hangouts, Cisco Jabber, Avaya Scopia, and Microsoft Lync. This allows you to connect, share, and collaborate from anywhere, making it the ultimate solution for virtual video conferencing. Try out BlueJeans Meetings today and experience a whole new level of connectivity.


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Conduct high-definition video conferences with BlueJeans Meetings, connecting teams and clients worldwide in real-time. Enjoy crystal-clear audio and video quality for seamless communication.

Share presentations, documents, or applications with ease during BlueJeans Meetings. Collaborate effectively by giving participants the ability to view your screen in real-time, fostering engagement and understanding.

Record important meetings and discussions for future reference or for those unable to attend. BlueJeans Meetings allows you to easily record sessions and playback at your convenience, ensuring that valuable information is never lost.

Stay connected on the go with BlueJeans Meetings' mobile accessibility. Join or host meetings from your smartphone or tablet, ensuring that you never miss important discussions, regardless of your location.



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