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Meet Breeze ChMS, your one-stop solution for top church management software needs. We've designed our platform with an understanding of the unique needs and challenges of small to mid-size congregations. At Breeze ChMS, we provide an easy-to-use, affordable church management software that integrates all your church administration tasks into a single, seamless system.


With Breeze, you can enjoy features like:

  • Administration Reporting: Generate reports with ease, providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

  • Interaction Tracking: Monitor and manage interactions with your congregation to ensure everyone receives appropriate attention and care.

  • Automation: Simplify tasks with automation, freeing up your time to focus on your ministry.

  • User Dashboard: Access everything at a glance on our user-friendly dashboard.

  • Online Donation Portal: Facilitate tithing and donations with a simple, secure online portal.

  • Recurring Donations: Encourage members to set up recurring donations for consistent support.

Our Breeze ChMS app integrates with your systems smoothly, and our Breeze ChMS support team is always readily available to assist you. Plus, our pricing model is simple and straightforward, with no hidden charges. You pay a flat rate of $72/month for all the features, unlimited contacts, and emails, plus 250 free text messages every month.

We've received rave Breeze ChMS reviews for our quality services and features, making us a compelling Breeze ChMS alternative. But don't just take our word for it. Avail your free 30-day trial and experience why we're the best-rated church management software for over 10,000 churches.

Our commitment to quality, affordability, and simplicity truly sets Breeze apart. Still wondering about Breeze ChMS pricing, Breeze ChMS integrations, or any other aspect of our service? Our friendly and approachable team is just a call or email away, ready to answer all your queries. In addition to our user-friendly platform and top-notch features, we also offer resources and support for churches seeking to grow their digital presence. Our Breeze Academy offers online courses, webinars, and tutorials on best practices for church administration and utilizing Breeze ChMS effectively. We also have a dedicated blog with articles and tips on various topics related to church management and technology.

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Breeze ChMS allows churches to maintain detailed records of members, visitors, and attendees. Users can manage member profiles, track attendance, record contributions, and store demographic information.

The software enables churches to track and manage financial contributions from members, donors, and other sources. Users can record donations, generate contribution statements, track pledge commitments, and manage fundraising campaigns.

Breeze ChMS provides tools for tracking attendance at worship services, classes, events, and small groups. Users can record attendance, monitor trends, and analyze participation levels over time.

Breeze ChMS helps churches manage volunteer schedules, assignments, and communication. Users can recruit volunteers, schedule service opportunities, track volunteer hours, and communicate with volunteers effectively.

Breeze ChMS offers features for scheduling and managing church events, meetings, and facilities. Users can create event calendars, schedule rooms and resources, and send event reminders to members.

Breeze ChMS includes communication tools such as email and text messaging capabilities to facilitate communication between church staff, members, and volunteers. Users can send announcements, newsletters, and event invitations to the congregation.

Breeze ChMS provides reporting and analytics features that allow churches to generate custom reports, track key metrics, and analyze trends related to membership, contributions, attendance, and other aspects of church operations.



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