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When it comes to efficient and user-friendly church management software, ChurchTrac stands as a top choice among thousands of churches worldwide. Our singular passion is to equip churches for better ministry through our comprehensive suite of features. With ChurchTrac Online, you gain access to everything from membership tracking and enhanced communication tools to budgeting and accounting services.

Some of our most sought-after features include:

  • File Management and Collaboration Tools: Keep all your essential documents in one place with our flexible file management system. Share, collaborate, and receive instant notifications about changes or updates.

  • Web Interface and Mobile Application: Access the ChurchTrac platform at any time, from anywhere. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, our software is right at your fingertips.

  • Audio and Video Conferencing: Enhance your team's communication with our built-in audio and video conferencing tools, including screen sharing and meeting coordination features.

  • Advanced Search and CRM Capabilities: Our software offers advanced search features and a robust CRM, helping you keep track of people groups, attendance, and church finances with ease.

What sets ChurchTrac apart is not just our wide range of features, but also our transparent pricing. We believe that top church management software should be affordable, and we're proud to offer prices that churches of all sizes can accommodate. To top it off, we offer a free account to help you discover firsthand why we're regarded as the best church management software.

Whether you're interested in ChurchTrac pricing, looking for ChurchTrac reviews, or curious about our specific features, you'll find that our solution is designed with you in mind. In addition to our comprehensive suite of features, ChurchTrac also offers top-notch customer support. Our team is dedicated to providing you with fast and reliable assistance should you encounter any issues or have any questions about our software. We understand that every church is unique and may have specific needs, and we are always willing to work with you to customize our software to fit your requirements.


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ChurchTrac allows churches to maintain detailed records of members, visitors, and attendees. Users can manage member profiles, track attendance, record contributions, and store demographic information.

The software enables churches to track and manage financial contributions from members and donors. Users can record donations, generate contribution statements, track pledge commitments, and manage fundraising campaigns.

ChurchTrac provides tools for tracking attendance at worship services, classes, events, and small groups. Users can record attendance, monitor trends, and analyze participation levels over time.

ChurchTrac offers features for scheduling and managing church events, meetings, and facilities. Users can create event calendars, schedule rooms and resources, and send event reminders to members.

ChurchTrac helps churches manage volunteer schedules, assignments, and communication. Users can recruit volunteers, schedule service opportunities, track volunteer hours, and communicate with volunteers effectively.

ChurchTrac includes communication tools such as email and text messaging capabilities to facilitate communication between church staff, members, and volunteers. Users can send announcements, newsletters, and event invitations to the congregation.



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