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Clearstream Reviews, Features, Pricing & Alternative

Clearstream, a renowned provider of the best cloud church management software, brings to you a powerful, intuitive platform tailored to cultivate connections within your church community. Our services have been trusted and implemented by numerous church plants and average-sized churches across America, attesting to the user-friendly design and implementability of Clearstream.

Clearstream features:

  1. Donor Management: Easily track and manage your church's donations.

  2. Acknowledgments & Communications Platform: Send personalized acknowledgements and keep your congregation updated.

  3. Membership Tracking: Keep track of your congregation's membership with ease.

  4. Congregation Communication: Foster two-way conversations with your congregation through Clearstream.

  5. Worship Management: Plan and manage worship schedules and teams effectively.

  6. Event Planning Platform: Simplify the planning and execution of church events.

  7. Additional Functionality People Management Specific Tools: Manage your church's people and tasks seamlessly.

  8. Event Management Specific Tools: Handle event-specific details efficiently.

Leveraging Clearstream's services, you can not only mass text your church but also optimize your guest follow-up process with text-to-join keywords and workflows. Our multiple campuses or ministries use Clearstream with Subaccounts feature ensures simplified management. The integration with popular apps and a REST API lets you build SMS into your own applications.

When it comes to the price of Clearstream's church management software, we assure you cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, reliability, and support. Clearstream pricing is designed to cater to churches of all sizes with different budget constraints. Numerous Clearstream reviews highlight the value our clients see in our services, reinforcing our commitment to revenue generation for your church.

With Clearstream's cloud-based church management software, you can streamline all aspects of your church administration and communication. Our platform is constantly evolving and updating to meet the changing needs of churches in today's digital age. We understand that every church community is unique, which is why we offer customizable options to tailor our services to fit your specific requirements.

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Clearstream offers text messaging services that enable churches to send mass text messages to their members and congregants. This allows churches to communicate important announcements, event reminders, prayer requests, and other messages directly to their community's mobile phones.

Clearstream allows churches to engage in two-way conversations with their members via text messaging. This feature enables churches to receive replies, feedback, and inquiries from members, fostering greater engagement and communication.

Clearstream enables churches to organize their members into groups and send targeted messages to specific segments of their congregation. This allows churches to tailor their communications based on factors such as age groups, ministries, volunteer teams, and more.

Clearstream provides automation tools that allow churches to schedule and send automated messages to their members at predetermined times. This feature is useful for sending regular updates, event reminders, birthday wishes, and other recurring messages.

Clearstream helps churches manage their member contact information and preferences efficiently. Churches can upload and organize their member database within the Clearstream platform, ensuring accurate and up-to-date communication records.

Clearstream integrates with popular church management systems (ChMS) and other third-party platforms, allowing churches to sync their member data seamlessly and leverage Clearstream's messaging capabilities within their existing workflows.

Clearstream prioritizes data security and compliance, implementing industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive member information. The platform also complies with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to ensure responsible messaging practices.



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