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Cloudways is not just web hosting provider, it's your tech partner that simplifies all aspects of server management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business. Our unique approach to hosting is all about choice. Whether it's selecting from our diverse range of cloud providers, hosting practically any PHP-powered app, deciding on a paid or free SSL, or using developer and agency-focused workflows, we're all about giving you the flexibility to tailor our platform to suit your needs. We've got a whole list of amazing tools and features for you. Here are some of the standout ones:
  1. API Access Controls/Permissions: You're in control of who has access to what.
  2. Activity Dashboard: Keep track of all your online activities in one place.
  3. Automatic Backup: We regularly back up your data, so you won't lose it.
  4. Billing & Provisioning: Handle all your billing and resource provisioning from our platform.
  5. Real Time Monitoring: Stay updated on your website’s performance with real-time information.
  6. Server Monitoring: We keep an eye on your server around the clock, ensuring it stays in tip-top condition.
  7. SSL Security: We provide both free and paid SSL to ensure your website is secure.
  8. Third Party Integrations: Enjoy seamless integration with various third-party software.
Our platform supports popular apps like WordPress and Magento, and allows you to choose from multiple cloud providers such as AWS, GCE, and DigitalOcean. On top of that, we offer both free and paid SSL options and workflows suited for developers and agencies alike. When it comes to web hosting services, we believe that being the most secure web hosting provider should be a given. That’s why folks who are looking for the best web hosting gravitate towards us. If you're considering cloudways hosting, or looking into cloudways review, cloudways pricing, or even cloudways alternatives, we're confident that our unique blend of features and services will meet your needs.


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The best hosting for digital agencies have top-notch performance, simplicity, choice, and support so you can focus on your business and not hosting hassles. Cloudways provides all that, and more. On Cloudways, you can launch as many websites as your server can handle. This means you don’t pay per website; you just pay for a server, and you can host as many clients on it as you want, and even resell hosting if you have to.

Host your ecommerce websites on top ecommerce web hosts, get the simplicity of a 1-click platform, and scale easily when the time comes. With cloudways, you can choose from top IaaS providers, and deploy your server quickly and efficiently and go live in minutes. Use the staging environment to test new features, whitelist IPs, launch apps, install a free SSL certificate and set backup frequency, all in 1-clicks.

Multisite completely transforms website management, and with Cloudways, you get scalability, security, and uptime to manage multiple websites smoothly.

All blogging sites hosted on Cloudways thrive with speed, security, and peak performance. Boost your page’s speed and security effortlessly, ensuring an exceptional user experience.


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Aaqib Gadit

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Junction Business Centre 1st Floor Sqaq Lourdes, St Julians, Mosta STJ 3334