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When it comes to remote access and support solutions, ConnectWise ScreenConnect stands as a stellar choice. This software is both efficient and speedy, designed specifically to meet the demands of contemporary technical assistance teams. It provides optimal support services, making it the preferred choice over many ConnectWise ScreenConnect alternatives.

With ConnectWise ScreenConnect, you can remotely repair computers, manage machines, and provide essential updates. It also facilitates smooth online seminars and captivating remote meeting presentations. This customer service software is not just reliable and hassle-free, it also comes equipped with many features that are typically found in more complex remote control solutions.

This software, as a part of the esteemed productivity software family, provides top-notch customer service, bolstering communication between agents and technicians. The software's customizable nature allows your brand to shine, enabling you to alter everything from logos and icons to the language used on your website.

What also sets ConnectWise ScreenConnect apart is its design for teams rather than individuals. Its array of collaborative features allow agents to assist each other, exchange files, and even share tasks. This help desk support software gives everyone access to the same customer database and insights into past cases, leading to more efficient problem-solving.


Key Features

  • Multiple agents and remote support

  • Secure information with automated reconnection

  • Cross-platform compatibility and browser extensions

  • Remote access and unattended access

  • Simplified transfer of files and roles & permissions

  • Shared toolbox and remote meetings

  • Customization & branding, device monitoring & management

  • Integration with ConnectWise Automation

  • Enhanced features for Linux and Mac users

  • Enhanced security and granular controls


It's undeniably clear why ConnectWise ScreenConnect pricing is worth every penny. And, if you're a sole technician, an on-premise license is available to you at no cost. Discover more about the unique offerings of ConnectWise ScreenConnect by visiting their official website and trying out their free trial. Experience the ConnectWise ScreenConnect difference today – quick, reliable, and focused on providing your ideal remote support solution. ConnectWise ScreenConnect’s extensive capabilities make it the most sought after remote assistance software on the market. With its innovative features, you can effectively manage your clients' technical needs and improve customer satisfaction.



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EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) Address the growing number, type, and severity of SMB threats. Security built on firewalls and antivirus tools may have protected your clients in the past, but today's threats can easily bypass these prevention-based defenses. Once through the perimeter, they seek out vulnerable endpoints and compromise systems, data, and businesses, leading to ransomware or a data breach. SIEM (Security Info & Event Management) Centralize threat visibility and analysis, backed by cutting-edge threat intelligence. Detection of threats lurking in the shadows requires visibility and understanding of the massive sets of log data organizations constantly generate. What’s normal? What’s anomalous and in need of investigation? Finding missed or overlooked threats and meeting compliance needs requires log ingestion, correlated data, reporting, and 24/7 analysis by certified cyber experts. Risk Assessment & Dark Web Monitoring Identify and remediate unknown cyber risks and vulnerabilities. Find attack surface and any hidden vulnerabilities that expose you and/or your clients to cyber threats. Start conversation with your clients backed by solid data. Security risk assessments help clients quickly identify security gaps. Armed with new insights, you’ll guide your clients’ remediation actions and prioritize preemptive measures to harden their environments ongoing.

ConnectWise ScreenConnect™ Fix client problems fast with the ability to connect to any device, anywhere, anytime. Simplify elevated access requests with least-privilege controls. ConnectWise RMM™ An intelligent RMM tool with MSP best practices out of the box. Reduce noise, engage Integrated Expert Services, and expand network, backup, and cloud visibility to achieve operational excellence. ConnectWise Automate Simply put, this is the most customizable RMM tool on the market. Design your ultimate solution and give your team the tools to automate anything. BCDR solutions from ConnectWise Protect your clients’ data and reputation. Strengthen and simplify your last line of defense with SaaS backup, single-pane-of-glass management, and co-managed backup.

Every TSP business runs differently depending on your goals, region, maturity level, and more. ConnectWise Business Management packages include three options so you can get the right set of solutions to solve your specific business challenges.

On-demand technical expertise Your techs are good at what they do, so let them shine. ConnectWise Project Assistance supplements their hard work by taking on ad-hoc projects during business hours, after hours, or on weekends, freeing your team to do what they do best. Dedicated tech services You already know that a good tech is hard to find. ConnectWise takes the pressure of hiring full-time talent off your shoulders with ConnectWise Dedicated Technician™. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your business and jump into projects your in-house team doesn’t have the time or skills to do. Help desk services Business and revenue growth goals always exist, but having the talent and resources to keep up with the new workload is time-consuming and expensive. Maintain the high-quality service your clients depend on and take on new clients. The fully-staffed help desk takes the daily tech support burden off your in-house staff so they can focus on high-value, business-growing projects. Network Operations Center Behind the scenes, a lot goes on to keep your clients running—from network monitoring and system upgrades to patch management and more. That’s where the ConnectWise NOC takes over. Our NOC allows you to scale your business with the help of a team of specialized technicians that pick up the slack as you grow your business. The ConnectWise NOC is available with ConnectWise RMM™. Security Operations Center Cybercriminals don’t take a day off, and neither does the ConnectWise Security Operations Center (SOC). Our global SOC monitors, detects, and mitigates cybersecurity threats to ensure ongoing protection. Instead of taking the risk of tech burnout, rely on a team of certified cybersecurity analysts and cutting-edge threat intelligence tools to manage your cybersecurity monitoring 24/7. The ConnectWise SOC is available with ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management and ConnectWise Co-Managed SIEM™.



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