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Dremio, a highly reviewed and widely acclaimed Data Lakehouse Platform, is revolutionizing the data management industry with its sophisticated yet user-friendly software. Our platform offers easy and open self-service analytics, blending the functionality of a data warehouse with the flexibility of a data lake. This unique combination, known as a "data lakehouse," allows Dremio to stand out from other big data warehouse types in the market.

Dremio offers a fresh approach to data management. Our open data lakehouse enables self-service SQL analytics, data warehouse performance, and data lake flexibility. With this unique setup, users can store data in open formats like Apache Iceberg and process it using Dremio's lightning-fast SQL query service and other powerful data processing engines. This ensures a wide range of analytics use cases, making Dremio the smart choice for optimized data management.

Dremio Sonar, our lakehouse query engine, powers your organization's data consumers with full SQL support. With Sonar, business users and analysts can directly drive BI dashboards, eliminating the need for costly data extracts. Data engineers easily ingest and transform data using Sonar's DML and DBT integration. Data scientists leverage Sonar’s native Arrow Flight interface for high-throughput data access across tools and languages like Python. Sonar breaks down data silos by querying data from databases and data warehouses on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and on-premises.

Key Features of Dremio's Data Lakehouse Platform

  • Seamless Integrations: Dremio's platform integrates effortlessly with your existing data management infrastructure.

  • High-speed Data Processing: With our innovative platform, manage and analyze your data at unparalleled speeds.

  • Efficient Data Transformation: Dremio simplifies the process of data ingestion and transformation.

  • Superior Connectivity: Connect to various data sources across multiple platforms.

  • Streamlined Operations: Improve operational efficiency with Dremio's intuitive UI.

  • Advanced-Data Management: Facilitate data lineage, cataloging, and governance with Dremio.

If you're seeking the best data warehouse software designed with user-friendly features and efficient service, look no further than Dremio. Our Dremio Cloud reviews speak volumes about our commitment to providing our clients with exceptional data management solutions. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Dremio can transform your data management strategy!


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Drive business insight and innovation by putting all of your data to work. Dremio delivers streamlined self-service analytics for all your data, everywhere, for all of your users.

Attain sub-second analytics performance on the data lake and across all data sources with no data movement. Dremio's intelligent query engine offers a powerful end-user experience with transparent query optimization and acceleration.

Simplify lakehouse data management with an integrated Apache Iceberg modern data catalog, automated data optimization, and Git-inspired versioning for next-generation data.



Sendur Sellakumar

Sendur Sellakumar

Chief Executive Officer

Sendur has been in the technology industry for the last 25 years. Sendur’s experience focuses on enterprise software and cloud services. He began his career in technology as a software developer and grew to running Splunk’s $1Bn+ Cloud business. He grew and led successful teams at Morgan Stanley, Splunk, and ServiceTitan. Sendur holds a BS in Computer Science from UC San Diego and an MBA in Finance from Cornell.
Tomer Shiran

Tomer Shiran


Tomer Shiran served as Dremio’s CEO for the first 4.5 years, overseeing the development of the company’s core technology and growing the team to 100 employees. Previously, he was the fourth employee and VP Product of MapR, a Big Data analytics pioneer. Tomer held numerous product management and engineering roles at IBM Research and Microsoft. He is the founder of two websites that have served millions of users and 100K+ paying customers. He holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Computer Science from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and is the author of numerous U.S. patents.

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Santa Clara, California