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eSPACE Reviews: small church management software


At eSPACE, our goal is to help you navigate the unique challenges of managing church facilities with ease and efficiency. Our top-rated church management software is designed specifically for small and large churches alike, offering a robust suite of features that address every facet of church facility operations.


Our platform, trusted by over 1,200 churches managing more than 46k assets and 1.2 million work orders, offers the following key features:

  • Donor Management: A user-friendly tool to track and manage contributions effectively.

  • Acknowledgments & Communications Platform: Improve congregation engagement with integrated communication tools.

  • Membership Tracking: Keep a comprehensive record of all your church members.

  • Worship Management: Seamless tools for managing worship schedules and resources.

  • Event Planning & Management: Efficient planning and management of church events.

  • Additional Functionalities: A variety of tools for people management, asset tracking, and preventive maintenance.


eSPACE guarantees a beneficial and smooth experience for churches, powered by our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of church facility operations. Not sure about eSPACE pricing? Worried about eSPACE competitors? Looking for real eSPACE reviews? Simply get in touch with our eSPACE contact for comprehensive information and satisfaction. Our high-quality services and competitive pricing make us a leader in the field. Opt for eSPACE, an all-in-one solution for church management needs.

At eSPACE, we understand that managing a church facility is no easy task. From tracking donations and managing congregation engagement to planning events and maintaining assets, there are countless responsibilities that come with the job. That's why we have designed our church management software to make your life easier.

Our platform is trusted by thousands of churches worldwide, with over 46k assets and 1.2 million work orders being managed through our system. With eSPACE, you can streamline all aspects of your church facility operations in one place. Whether it's keeping track of donors or organizing worship schedules, our top-rated software has you covered.


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eSPACE allows churches to schedule and manage events, meetings, services, and activities within their facilities. Users can create, modify, and track reservations for rooms, equipment, and resources.

eSPACE provides tools for planning, coordinating, and executing events within church facilities. Users can create event templates, manage event registrations, assign resources, and communicate event details to attendees.

eSPACE enables churches to create and track maintenance and repair requests for their facilities and equipment. Users can submit work orders, assign tasks to staff or vendors, track progress, and generate reports on maintenance activities.

eSPACE helps churches track and manage their physical assets, including equipment, furniture, and technology. Users can record asset details, track maintenance history, schedule inspections, and monitor asset performance.

eSPACE allows churches to set up preventive maintenance schedules for their facilities and equipment. Users can create maintenance tasks, set recurring schedules, and receive alerts for upcoming maintenance activities.

eSPACE provides analytics and reporting tools that allow churches to analyze facility utilization, attendance patterns, and resource usage. Users can generate reports, charts, and graphs to gain insights into how their facilities are being utilized.

eSPACE prioritizes data security and compliance, implementing encryption, access controls, and other security measures to protect sensitive information. The software also helps churches comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as ADA compliance for facilities.



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