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Freshsales provide the best sales software solutions replete with adaptive sales tools that are engineered to streamline your entire sales cycle. Our product, grounded in a comprehensive understanding of evolving market demands, is specifically designed to bolster your sales team's effectiveness and efficiency.

Our offerings encompass a wide spectrum of services:


  1. Contact and Account Management: Organize contacts into nuanced segments, fostering a detailed understanding of their email activity, audience behavior, and page visits. Our AI, Freddy, aids you in creating well-rounded profiles for your contacts and companies.

  2. Lead Management: Harness the power of our system to attract, nurture, and convert leads into successful deals.

  3. Built-in Communication Features: Foster easy collaboration with communication features such as chat and telephony, eliminating the need for redundant interfaces.

  4. Pipeline Management: Track and manage multiple pipelines while gaining insights into promising deals and revenue forecasts with our visual sales pipeline and advanced AI technology.

  5. Reports and Analytics: Access curated and custom reports that offer a comprehensive study on sales performance against advanced metrics.

  6. Task Management: Create follow-up tasks and add appointment details for leads, contacts, and deals without a hassle.

  7. Integration: Blend seamlessly with business platforms like Google Apps, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and even on Android and iOS mobile apps.

Our software is designed to boost sales productivity and improve team coordination. Equipped with Freshsales CRM, your team can effectively manage contacts, accounts, and pipelines, thereby enhancing your sales performance.

Our seamless integrations with Google Apps, Office 365, and Microsoft Outlook, along with our Android and iOS mobile apps, ensure that you have all the resources you need, anytime, anywhere. In addition, our services are tailored to offer solutions that are easy to understand, ensuring the best user experience.

Stay ahead in your sales game with Freshsales. Optimize your sales tools, enrich your leads, and close deals efficiently with our all-in-one sales solution. We are here to elevate your sales process, offering only the best sales software for your team. Now, your search for "best sales tools" and "best sales software" ends with Freshsales. Choose us for a comprehensive solution that supports your sales team every step of the way.

For a better understanding of our services and offerings, check out our Freshsales reviews and Freshsales pricing. We are proud to stand as a robust competitor in the CRM market, providing reliable customer support and advanced CRM features. At Freshsales, we understand that every business is different and has unique needs when it comes to their sales process. That's why our CRM is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to fit your specific requirements. Whether you're a small business or an enterprise, our software can be customized to cater to your organization's specific needs.


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Freshsales allows businesses to manage their contacts and leads efficiently. Users can store contact information, track interactions, and organize contacts into custom segments for targeted marketing and sales efforts.

Freshsales enables users to manage deals and opportunities throughout the sales pipeline. Users can track deal stages, set reminders, and collaborate with team members to move deals forward and close sales successfully.

Freshsales includes email tracking and automation features that allow users to send personalized emails, track email opens and clicks, and automate follow-up sequences. Users can create email templates, schedule emails, and analyze email performance metrics.

Freshsales provides visual sales pipeline management tools that allow users to visualize and track the progress of deals through different stages of the sales process. Users can customize pipeline stages, set sales goals, and forecast revenue accurately.

Freshsales offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities that allow users to track sales performance, analyze key metrics, and gain insights into their sales processes. Users can generate customizable reports and dashboards to monitor sales activities and identify areas for improvement.



Girish Mathrubootham

Girish Mathrubootham

Founder & CEO

Mika Yamamoto

Mika Yamamoto

Chief customer and marketing officer

Tyler Sloat

Tyler Sloat

Chief Financial Officer

Johanna Jackman (JJ)

Johanna Jackman (JJ)

Chief People Officer

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