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GoLinks provides url shortening services. At GoLinks, we believe in revolutionizing how employees access and share knowledge in this digital era. We understand that in the current high-tech landscape, companies use an average of 137 apps leading to information overload. That's why we've crafted a solution that simplifies the process of finding and sharing information, ensuring your team spends less time searching and more time doing. GoLinks is your go-to platform for transforming lengthy and complex URLs into short, memorable, and searchable go links like 'go/g2-reviews'. With us, context switching becomes a thing of the past, as our human-readable go links can redirect to any web application. But that's not all. We've baked AI into our platform to offer conversational search functionality. Simply type any question in our dashboard or Slack, and our generative AI will instantly provide recommended resources and answers. Our unique features include:
  • Browser Agnostic: We work well with any browser, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Browser Extensions: Our extensions make link management as simple as a click.
  • Syncing User Tools: We ensure your tools are connected for efficient workflow.
  • Search Bar and Tags: Find your resources quickly with our robust search and tagging system.
  • Workspace Options: Choose from private or collaborative workspaces to suit your needs.
  • URL Shortener: Our branded short links and bulk URL creation streamline your shared resources.
  • Link Analytics: Track the usage and effectiveness of your links with our analytics.
  • Historical Shortlink Tracking: Keep track of your link history for insights and control.
  • Compatibility: We integrate with various platforms for maximum functionality.
  • Search Queries and Typo Tolerance: We understand human errors and ensure they don't hinder your search.
  • Personalization: Customize your GoLinks experience to suit your needs.
Our services are designed to be the best golinks alternative, with competitive golinks pricing, comprehensive golinks open source options, and positive golinks reviews. We focus on providing top-notch security and a wide range of features to ensure your data and peace of mind. Experience why our customers choose us as their preferred paid URL shortening service, and see how we make every URL a custom shortened URL. 


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GoLinks allows users to create short and memorable links for internal resources, documents, tools, and websites. This service makes it easier for employees to share and access important links within the organization.

GoLinks enables organizations to create custom branded short links that reflect their brand or company name. This helps maintain brand consistency and professionalism when sharing internal links across teams.

GoLinks provides a centralized platform for managing and organizing all internal links within the organization. Users can categorize links, add tags, and create folders to keep links organized and easily accessible.

GoLinks offers analytics tools to track the usage and engagement of internal links. Users can monitor click-through rates, user activity, and other metrics to gain insights into link usage and effectiveness.


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San Jose, California