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Jelly URL, your trusted link management service, brings to you the future of link shortening. Our easy-to-use tool offers a unique suite of features that cater to any and all of your link management needs. Our software is designed to optimize user experience and interface, making it the best link management tool in the market. With Jelly URL, you can create custom links that are not just short but also meaningful and relevant. Our unique URL shortener allows you to add custom domains, generate QR codes, and even enable UTM tracking. The best part? You can schedule changes to your links to keep them up-to-date and relevant. Here are some exciting features that set Jelly URL apart:
  • Team API: Collaborate and interact with your team seamlessly.
  • Analytics of Unique Redirects: Measure the success of your URLs with detailed analytics.
  • Aggregated Link Analytics: Consolidate and analyze your link data in one place.
  • Custom Back-half: Create unlimited unique URLs with our custom back-half feature.
  • Password Short Link: Secure your links with customized passwords.
  • Mobile Redirects and Deep Links: Optimize your links for mobile platforms with our mobile redirects and deep links feature.
  • Editable Link Title in Dashboard: Keep your dashboard organized with editable link titles.
  • Embed Retargeting Pixels: Enhance your marketing strategies with our embed retargeting pixels.
  • Link Rotation: Carry out A/B/C testing with ease using our link rotation feature.
Jelly URL is not just a URL shortener; it’s a comprehensive link management service. We aim to help businesses streamline their link management processes and improve their digital presence. Whether you're looking for Jelly URL alternatives or comparing Jelly URL reviews, we're confident that our features and services will exceed your expectations.  Experience the best with Jelly URL. Keep your links short, sweet, and powerful with Jelly URL.  With our focus on user experience and interface optimization, we strive to continuously improve and update our features to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch support and ensuring that our customers have a seamless experience using our tool. We understand the importance of link management in today's digital landscape and are committed to helping businesses succeed by providing them with the best tools and services.


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Jelly URL likely offers the primary service of shortening long URLs into shorter, more manageable links. This makes sharing links easier, especially on platforms with character limits like Twitter or in text messages.

Some URL shortening services allow users to create custom short URLs, which can help maintain brand consistency and improve link memorability. Users may be able to choose their custom short alias or use a random one generated by the service.

URL shortening services often provide analytics and tracking features, allowing users to monitor the performance of their shortened links. This may include metrics such as click-through rates, geographic location of clicks, and referral sources.

Users may have access to a dashboard or interface where they can manage their shortened links. This may include features such as editing or deleting existing links, organizing links into categories or folders, and setting expiration dates for links.

Advanced URL shortening services may offer branded link features, allowing users to use their own domain for shortened links. This helps reinforce brand identity and trust with users.

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