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At JitBit HelpDesk, we provide an extraordinary blend of simplicity and power, delivering a user-friendly and efficient help desk software designed for businesses of all sizes. Emphasizing user interface simplicity, our cloud-based help desk software avoids unnecessary features that clutter your workspace. The result? A no-fuss user experience that lets you focus on what matters most - your customers. Recognized with the 2019 Expert's Choice and Supreme Software awards, our platform stands out as the best IT help desk software available today.


Key features of JitBit HelpDesk include:

  1. Mobile Help Desk: Stay connected with your team and customers on the go.

  2. Ticketing Management: Track and manage all support requests effectively.

  3. Two-Way Email Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing email system.

  4. Secure Web-Based Interface: Our cloud-based platform guarantees data protection.

  5. Customer Support Request Tagging: Easily categorize and prioritize customer requests.

  6. Help Desk Automation: Leverage machine learning to automate mundane tasks.

  7. Knowledge Base: Establish an easy-to-access source of information for your team and customers.

  8. Multilingual Support: Serve your global customer base in their native language.


Our platform integrates smoothly with your existing software and email setup and supports single sign-on features. This integration capability, coupled with our powerful REST API, sets us apart as a unique JitBit HelpDesk alternative.


In terms of affordability, we stand as the small business help desk software of choice. Our pricing does not depend on the number of agents and we provide flexibility with monthly and annual options. We also offer free upgrades within the first year and discounted upgrades thereafter.

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JitBit HelpDesk provides comprehensive ticket management features, allowing businesses to efficiently handle and track customer inquiries, support requests, and issues through a centralized platform.

JitBit HelpDesk integrates seamlessly with email platforms, enabling businesses to convert incoming emails into support tickets automatically. Agents can respond to customer emails directly within the JitBit interface.

JitBit HelpDesk allows businesses to create and maintain a knowledge base containing articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. Customers can search the knowledge base to find solutions to common issues without contacting support.

JitBit HelpDesk supports multiple communication channels including email, web forms, and chat, allowing businesses to provide support through the customer's preferred channel.

JitBit HelpDesk allows businesses to define service level agreements (SLAs) and set response and resolution targets for different types of tickets. SLA tracking ensures that support teams meet customer expectations and service level commitments.

JitBit HelpDesk allows businesses to customize the help desk portal with their branding elements, including logos, colors, and themes, to maintain brand consistency and provide a seamless customer experience.



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