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Katana is a game-changer in the world of manufacturing ERP software. This cloud-based platform is specially designed for small and medium-sized manufacturers who seek an integrated, user-friendly system to manage their production planning, scheduling, and inventory control. The goal of our sales tool is simple: to streamline your manufacturing processes and provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date data, all in one place.

Katana's interface features a highly visual dashboard, offering a comprehensive view of your business, orders, processes, and deadlines. At a glance, you can identify areas of your operation that are running efficiently and those that require attention. This real-time visibility allows you to make quick, data-driven decisions, positively impacting your business productivity and bottom line.

Services and Features of Katana

Katana is not just another sales software tool. It's the future of sales management and planning. Our platform offers a myriad of high-performing features, including:

  1. Manufacturing Grid: An overview of your manufacturing tasks and processes.

  2. Material Availability: Real-time updates on the availability of materials.

  3. Production Planning: Manage your production schedules efficiently.

  4. Sales Grid: Keep track of your sales activities.

  5. Sales and Purchase Order Management: Seamlessly manage your orders.

  6. Automatic Inventory Management: An automated system for managing your inventory.

  7. Real-time Inventory Control: Stay updated with your stock levels.

  8. Stock Level Optimization: Maintain optimum stock levels.

  9. Production and Material Cards: Detailed records of your production materials.

  10. Variants Production Recipe (Bill of Materials): Manage your materials for different product variants.

  11. Production Operations (Routing): Plan and control your production routes.

Importantly, Katana integrates seamlessly with popular manufacturing apps like Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. This ensures that your work information and processes sync across platforms, fulfilling orders and meeting quotas without a hitch.

Why Choose Katana?

Choosing Katana isn't just about opting for a top-tier sales management tool. It's about investing in a platform that's built on the real-world experience of manufacturers just like you. Our developers, hailing from a small workshop themselves, have infused their first-hand industry knowledge into the design and functionality of the Katana platform. We aim to help SMBs gain a foothold in their respective industries and ultimately, succeed.

With Katana's range of features and user-friendly interface, you can make intelligent business decisions promptly, based on reliable, real-time information. Explore Katana tools pricing and read some Katana tools reviews to see how we're redefining sales software tools. 


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Katana revolutionizes sales operations by centralizing data from all channels, enhancing order fulfillment. Gain insights into customer demand, manage purchases, and track live inventory for seamless B2B and e-commerce activities. Consolidate sales data into a single view and streamline order fulfillment by tracking product availability

Empower your business with informed purchasing decisions based on precise material requirements and reorder points. Seamlessly generate purchase orders within Katana and proactively track delays to meet customer demand.

Gain a live view of your inventory, from raw materials to finished goods, and effortlessly manage items with multiple variants

Demand planning and forecasting Bring data-driven forecasting into the forefront of your inventory planning to ensure you meet customer demand. Use historical and real-time data to proactively prevent stockouts and overstock. Flexible inventory control Set inventory control parameters that will help you always keep right amount of stock at hand. Determine ideal safety stock levels to safeguard against demand fluctuations. Smart replenishment planning Plan your purchasing and issue purchase orders directly from Katana to ensure timely and cost-efficient order fulfillment. Issue draft orders and track purchase order statuses in a one place.



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Kristjan Vilosius

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Priit Kaasik

Chief Technical Officer & Founder

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Riikka Söderlund

Chief Marketing Officer

Ben Hussey

Ben Hussey

Chief Revenue Officer

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