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MarketMan is the ultimate restaurant management system that optimizes operations for businesses of all sizes, from cozy cafes to expansive supply chains. We offer a comprehensive suite of features, including restaurant management, inventory management, purchasing, order tracking, multi-unit chain management, recipe management, and payment management. Our unique offering lies in easy-to-use sales and marketing tools, recognized as some of the best sales automation tools in the industry.

Services and Features

  • Order Management: Optimize your order process with our automated ordering system. Order via PC or mobile device, assign tasks effortlessly with easy delegation, manage user permissions, and prevent fraud.

  • Budget Management: Stay within your limits with our intuitive budgeting tools.

  • Supplier Management: Enjoy smooth communication and transactions with all your suppliers.

  • Food Costing: Get real-time updates on each menu item's cost, considering every ingredient - perfect for creating a competitive pricing strategy.

  • Inventory Management: Keep track of your stock with alerts and reports, monitor actual vs. theoretical food costs, and integrate with third-party systems.

  • Control Brand Product Catalog: Maintain brand consistency across all your locations with our centralized product catalog.

Our platform is SEO-optimized, making MarketMan easily discoverable on Google for those seeking top-tier restaurant management solutions. We've designed our platform to be 100% human readable, using common words for easy understanding.

Why Choose MarketMan?

When you choose MarketMan, you're not just getting a restaurant management system - you're gaining a partner committed to your success. We pride ourselves in offering competitive pricing, standing tall among MarketMan competitors. Need help or have queries? The MarketMan contact team is always ready to assist. Embrace the future of restaurant management with MarketMan, your ultimate sales platform software. Transform your restaurant operations today. With MarketMan, you can streamline your business processes and increase efficiency, leading to increased profits and customer satisfaction. 


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Thanks to the cloud, you can take inventory counts whenever and wherever - no matter what device. Our inventory management tools allow you to easily track waste, theft, and know inventory quantity and values in real-time. Build a digital cookbook Use MarketMan as a central hub that lists all ingredients, portions, cooking instructions, and images for each menu item. Our cookbook is printable and accessible across all devices. Use it as a powerful reference tool or for training purposes for your kitchen staff.

MarketMan keeps track of everything that comes in the back door and is served to your guests, so you don’t have to. ‍ Integrations with your distributor invoices and point of sale system provides you with real time reporting.

MarketMan Snap is a personalized bookkeeper in your pocket. Simply snap, scan or upload any invoice in seconds. ‍ MarketMan will provide automated reports and identify spending patterns so that you can pay and keep track of your bills.



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