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Founded in the late 1990s, MediaShout is a key player in the church management software industry,helping to redefine and enhance worship experiences. We offer tailor-made software solutions which are among the top ten church management software available today. Recognized for our excellent mediashout customer service and competitive mediashout price, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of both small and large church communities.

Our innovative software suite includes a multitude of features to streamline church management and engagement:

  • Donations Management: We offer a comprehensive donations system, including text and e-giving options.

  • Household & Individual Groups: This feature allows for efficient management and communication within your church community.

  • Attendance Tracking: Monitor and track service attendance seamlessly.

  • Multiple Concurrent Users: Our software supports multiple users at once, allowing for collaborative management.

  • IRS Compliant Donor Statements & Church Accounting: Ensure your church's compliance with IRS regulations on donations and accounting.

  • Member Portal: A dedicated space for church members to interact and stay updated with church activities.

  • Check In & Event Registration: Simplify event organization and attendance check-in process.

  • Full Support and Training: We provide in-depth training and 24/7 customer support to help you make the best use of our software.

  • Automatic Upgrades & Backups: Regular software updates and secure data backups are included.

  • Multi-site Software: Manage multiple church locations efficiently with our multi-site feature.

Considered one of the best cloud church management software, MediaShout makes worship more relevant and affirms its position as a leading choice for church management needs. 

The combination of our commitment to customer service, advanced features, and affordable pricing places MediaShout at the forefront of the church management software industry. Our goal is to continue providing churches with innovative solutions that foster growth, engagement, and community building. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have made MediaShout their go-to choice for church management software. We look forward to serving you and your church community!Keep reading to discover more about how our software can enhance your worship experience.

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MediaShout allows churches to create multimedia presentations incorporating text, images, videos, lyrics, and slideshows. Users can design engaging presentations to enhance worship experiences and communicate messages effectively.

MediaShout enables churches to display song lyrics, hymns, and worship scriptures in real-time during services. Users can easily import lyrics from song databases or input them manually for seamless integration into presentations.

MediaShout offers features to display Bible verses, scripture references, and sermon notes during worship services and sermons. Users can customize the appearance and layout of text to match the church's branding and style.

MediaShout allows churches to incorporate various media elements into their presentations, including audio tracks, background music, sound effects, and pre-recorded videos. Users can synchronize media files with presentation slides for synchronized playback.

MediaShout supports live video feeds and camera inputs, allowing churches to display live video footage, announcements, interviews, and special events during services and gatherings. Users can switch between multiple camera sources and control video settings within the software.

MediaShout provides a stage display feature that allows presenters and worship leaders to view presentation cues, timing, and notes on a separate monitor or screen. This feature helps speakers and performers stay organized and on track during presentations.

MediaShout offers remote control functionality, allowing operators to control presentations wirelessly from a mobile device or tablet. Users can manage cues, transitions, and playback settings remotely for seamless execution.

MediaShout integrates with popular Church Management Software (ChMS) and worship planning software to streamline workflow processes and data synchronization. Users can import song lyrics, service orders, and other content directly into MediaShout presentations.








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