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At OptimoRoute, we offer sophisticated food delivery routing software designed to propel your restaurant delivery business to new heights. Our platform simplifies the complexities of route planning, optimizing every delivery route to save you precious time and resources. Coined as the best food delivery platform, we're committed to helping you provide exceptional service while growing your business.

Our platform simplifies food delivery management. Easily organize orders, assign drivers, and track deliveries in real-time. With our advanced algorithm, drivers take efficient routes, reducing time on the road and increasing orders per day. Save on fuel costs and provide faster delivery times, leading to happier customers and increased loyalty.

Here are some features of our services:

  • Automated Planning: Streamline your delivery process with our efficient automated planning tool.

  • Driver and Vehicle: Keep tabs on your resources with our comprehensive tracking feature.

  • Order and Task: Manage and monitor all orders and tasks in real time for optimal efficiency.

  • Live Tracking and ETA: Keep your customers informed with accurate delivery ETAs and live tracking capabilities.

  • Realtime Order Tracking: Enhance customer experience with our real-time order tracking feature.

  • Mobile App for Drivers: Equip your drivers with our easy-to-use mobile app for seamless deliveries.

  • Proof of Delivery: Ensure transparency with our proof of delivery feature.

  • Customer Feedback: Understand your customers better with our integrated feedback system.

  • Realtime Route Modification: Adapt to unexpected changes on the go with our real-time route modification feature.

Our OptimoRoute software reviews speak volumes about the value we bring to our customers. With OptimoRoute, you're not just adopting a new software; you're embarking on a journey of growth, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. OptimoRoute pricing is affordable. Log in to your OptimoRoute account today, and let's start optimizing your routes and growing your business together.



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Easily import thousands of orders and instantly get the most efficient routes and schedules for your drivers. Account for all workflow constraints. Maximize the number of orders performed, while reducing costs.

OptimoRouteā„¢ calculates allowed working hours and driver costs to help eliminate overtime and reduce costs. Vehicle specifics put orders on the right truck (loading ramp, refrigeration) without overloading.

Optimize for the best routes & schedules while respecting all order and task criteria: priority, time windows, day of week, date range, reverse logistics orders, variable job durations, skills matching and more.



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Goran Kukolj

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