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At ParishSOFT, we're committed to providing the very best church management software solutions that are affordable and tailored for small to large church communities. Our products are designed specifically for the Catholic community, offering a comprehensive suite of services to help your church manage records, donations, and communications more efficiently.


ParishSOFT's unique platform offers:

  1. Multi-Location Donation Management: Streamline your donations, regardless of where they come from.

  2. Built-in Accounting For Religious Organizations: Say goodbye to Quickbooks! Our software includes built-in accounting features designed specifically for religious organizations.

  3. Membership Management: Keep track of your parish members with ease.

  4. Online Giving: A complementary solution to your weekly envelope giving.

  5. Member Directory: A handy tool for maintaining member records.

  6. Accounting Integration: Integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting systems.

  7. Attendance Tracking: Monitor and record attendance for every event.

  8. Communication Management: Keep your congregation updated with essential communication tools.

  9. Event Management: Plan, organize, and manage church events with ease.

  10. Member Portal: Grant members access to a dedicated online portal.

  11. Mobile Access: Access our software's suite of tools from any device, anytime, anywhere.

  12. Online Calendar: Schedule, plan, and share church events conveniently.

  13. Pledge Management: Track and manage pledges effectively.

  14. Small Group Management: Manage small church groups or committees easily.

  15. Volunteer Management: Recruit, assign, and manage volunteers for various church activities.

When it comes to customer service, ParishSOFT excels in providing top-notch support, catering to your needs promptly and effectively. Our pricing model and positive reviews speak volumes about the value we bring to your church management tasks. In the realm of church management software, ParishSOFT stands out as a reliable, up-to-date, and customer-focused solution. 

Our dedicated team continues to improve our product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the Catholic community. With ParishSOFT, you can be confident in managing your church's operations efficiently, freeing up more time for ministry and outreach efforts. Our goal is to empower your church community with the tools and support needed to thrive in today's fast-paced digital age. 


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Parish Management: ParishSOFT offers comprehensive parish management tools to help churches streamline administrative tasks such as membership management, event planning, volunteer coordination, and communication.

The software allows churches to maintain accurate records of parishioner information, including contact details, family relationships, sacramental records, and involvement in church activities.

ParishSOFT enables churches to track and manage financial contributions from parishioners, donors, and other sources. It facilitates online giving, pledge tracking, contribution statements, and financial reporting.

The software provides tools for scheduling Masses, liturgical celebrations, meetings, and other church events. It allows administrators to create event calendars, manage event registrations, and coordinate resources and facilities.

ParishSOFT enables churches to organize and manage volunteer activities, schedules, and assignments. It allows administrators to recruit volunteers, track volunteer hours, and communicate with volunteers effectively.

ParishSOFT prioritizes data security and compliance to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations and best practices.



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