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At ProPresenter, we offer a comprehensive suite of services and features tailored to meet the unique needs of churches of all sizes. We understand that managing a church involves a multitude of tasks, which is why our software is designed to be a one-stop solution for all your church management needs. Our software is not only the best church management software for small churches, but it's also an invaluable tool for larger congregations.

Our key features include:

  1. Donation Management For Religious Organizations: Simplifies the process of accepting and tracking donations from members.

  2. Membership Management: Streamlines the task of managing and interacting with church members.

  3. Online Giving: Enables members to make donations online easily and securely.

  4. Member Directory: Allows you to maintain a comprehensive, easily searchable directory of all church members.

  5. Accounting Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting software for effortless financial management.

In addition to these, our service portfolio extends to Attendance Tracking, Communication Management, Event Management, Member Portal, Mobile Access, Online Calendar, Pledge Management, Small Group Management, and Volunteer Management.

The ProPresenter software is admired for its rock-solid stability, volunteer-friendly ease of use, and the ability to display lyrics, scripture, video playback, chord charts, and more on a projection, TV, or LED screen. ProPresenter is a cost-effective and viable alternative to other solutions in the market, offering robust customer service and ensuring best-in-class live event creation. Our mission is to make church management simple and stress-free. Experience the difference with our free church management software trial today.

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ProPresenter allows users to create dynamic multimedia presentations by combining text, images, videos, and audio files. Users can design slides, add visual effects, and incorporate live video feeds for engaging presentations.

One of the primary features of ProPresenter is its ability to display worship song lyrics, Bible verses, and liturgical texts in real-time during worship services. Users can import song lyrics from various sources and customize the appearance and layout of the text.

ProPresenter offers a stage display feature that allows worship leaders and presenters to view slide content, speaker notes, and timing cues on a separate monitor or screen. This feature helps presenters stay organized and deliver presentations effectively.

ProPresenter supports live video integration, allowing users to stream live video feeds, camera feeds, and other multimedia content directly within their presentations. This feature enhances the visual appeal and engagement of presentations.

ProPresenter enables users to set up dual screen configurations, with one screen for the presenter and another screen for the audience. This allows presenters to control the presentation flow while the audience views the content.

ProPresenter offers remote control and playback capabilities, allowing users to control presentation slides, switch media content, and adjust settings remotely using mobile devices or external controllers.



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