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Sales Creatio is a trusted partner for all-in-one sales automation tools solutions. Our platform is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of B2B and B2C companies, enabling a seamless and efficient management of customer data, sales, and operational workflows.


Sales Creatio offers a broad range of features that are essential in streamlining your operations, and ensuring maximum productivity within your team.


  • Lead Management: Efficiently manage your leads from the initial contact to the final conversion.

  • Opportunity Management: Track possible business opportunities and make informed decisions.

  • Orders and Invoices: Easily manage documentation related to sales.

  • 360° Customer View: Get a holistic view of your customer’s journey.

  • Collaboration Tools: Promote teamwork and faster decision making.

  • Sales Forecasting: Predict future sales trends and make proactive decisions.

  • Contract Management: Streamline your contract creation, execution, and analysis.

  • Business Process Management: Automate and optimize your business processes.

  • Field Sales Management: Effectively manage your outdoor sales team.

  • Product Management: Handle all aspects of your product from conception to end of life.

  • Document Flow Automation: Automate your document workflow to save time.

  • Project Management: Effectively manage your projects and meet your business objectives.

  • Mobile Sales: Access your sales data anytime, anywhere.

  • Synchronization and Integration: Integrate with other systems effortlessly.

  • System Designer: Customize workflows according to your business needs.

  • Knowledge Management: Manage and utilize your organization's knowledge effectively.


From sales forecasting to contract management, our platform provides a 360-degree customer view, making it one of the best sales automation tools in the industry. Our system allows you to manage your entire sales cycle, from lead generation to repeat sales, in a single digital workspace. With Sales Creatio, you can take advantage of our advanced no-code and AI/ML capabilities to build highly automated workflows. Our platform allows for the application of modern AI-powered use cases for sales enablement, including lead scoring, churn prediction, NBO/NBA, intent analysis, and more.


Our sales Creatio pricing is competitive, and our sales Creatio review ratings consistently highlight our commitment to customer satisfaction. Join us and streamline your sales processes with Sales Creatio. Let our advanced B2B sales tools and features optimize your business for success. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, our platform has everything you need to drive sales and achieve your goals.  But Sales Creatio offers more than just sales automation solutions. Our platform also includes powerful marketing and service features, providing a comprehensive solution for all aspects of your customer relations. With Marketing Creatio, you can create and execute targeted campaigns, analyze their effectiveness, and nurture leads into customers. And with Service Creatio, you can efficiently manage customer requests, track cases, and provide exceptional support to ensure customer satisfaction.

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360-degree view of contact and account data with a complete omnichannel engagement history across the entire customer journey.

A comprehensive set of AI/ML models for service data classification, case routing, prediction, prioritization, intelligent search and recommendations, customer segmentation, intent analysis, and cutting-edge generative AI use cases.

Service agent desktop with real-time communications and customer data Intelligent queue management and case distribution, consolidated agent desktop with access to customer data, assigned tasks, analytics, and communications tools.

Consolidated knowledge management with built-in user engagement Advanced knowledge management capabilities. Interactive knowledge base, flexible sharing and collaboration workflows, easy-to-use tags and cross-links for quick search and classification, and user engagement.



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