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SharePoint is your go-to solution for secure and efficient business collaboration. In the marketplace of file sharing software, it is a trailblazing cloud service by Microsoft, revolutionizes how companies manage and share their essential documented information from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Our primary offerings include:

  • Secure File Sharing: SharePoint guarantees the secure exchange of files within your organization, whether shared on desktop or on mobile. We prioritize your data's safety above everything else.

  • Enterprise Social Networking: Embrace the power of team collaboration with SharePoint's enterprise social networking capabilities. Stay connected and keep your workflow smooth and efficient.

  • Business Intelligence: Make informed decisions with SharePoint's business intelligence features. Gather, analyze, and use your business data effectively for the optimal results.

  • Personal Cloud: SharePoint offers a personal cloud service, enabling you to access your documents and data conveniently, without compromising on security.

  • Intranet and Extranet Services: Create a connected and engaged workplace with SharePoint’s intranet and extranet services. Facilitate communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across your organization.

  • Workflow Management: Simplify task management with SharePoint's intuitive workflow management tools. Coordinate tasks effectively, monitor their progress, and ensure on-time completion.

Moreover, our platform offers advanced features such as Access Services, Customized Web Parts Library, Durable Links, Encrypted Connections, Fast Site Collection Creation, and many more. All designed to optimize your experience and ensure maximum productivity.

Choosing SharePoint means opting for a reliable SharePoint consulting service, a robust SharePoint database, and an effective SharePoint alternative to conventional methods. We consistently strive to be a leader in providing excellent SharePoint services and enhancing SharePoint apps for your business needs.


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SharePoint allows organizations to store, organize, and manage documents and files in a centralized repository. Users can create document libraries, folders, and metadata to categorize and tag content for easy retrieval.

SharePoint enables users to share documents and files with colleagues, teams, and external partners securely. Users can set permissions and access controls to control who can view, edit, and collaborate on shared files.

SharePoint includes version control capabilities that allow users to track changes made to documents over time. Users can access previous versions of documents and restore them if needed, helping to maintain data integrity and compliance.

SharePoint offers a variety of collaboration tools, including real-time co-authoring, discussion boards, wikis, and social features, that enable teams to collaborate effectively on documents and projects.

SharePoint provides workflow automation capabilities that allow organizations to automate business processes and streamline repetitive tasks. Users can create custom workflows to automate document approvals, review processes, and other tasks.



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