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Introducing Starburst, a lauded name among data warehouse service providers, offering an all-inclusive data lake analytics platform. Our services are crafted to aid data-centric businesses in efficiently discovering, organizing, and consuming data.

Our platform, built on the robust open-source foundation of Trino, empowers you to access a more complete set of data, significantly cut down infrastructure costs, utilize tools tailored to your specific needs, and sidestep vendor lock-in. Esteemed companies like Comcast, Grubhub, and Priceline trust us for their data needs, reinforcing our reputation in the industry.

Our services are distinguished by the following key features:

  • Real-Time Data Collection: Capture and process your data as events occur.

  • Data Distribution: Efficiently distribute data across your organization with ease.

  • Data Lake: An analytical data warehouse that centralizes your organization's data.

  • Cloud Processing: Facilitate the processing of vast data quantities using cloud computing.

  • Workload Processing: Manage and process various data workloads efficiently.

  • Real-Time Analytics: Generate insights from your data in real time.

  • Data Querying: Perform complex queries to extract valuable insights from your data.

Our friendly team is dedicated to helping your company make quicker, better decisions on all your data. As a premier data warehousing technology provider, we're committed to optimizing your data warehouse experience. With our services, the lake becomes the center of gravity, but we fully support accessing data beyond the lake as needed.

Ride the wave of data-driven development with Starburst. For an in-depth look into our services and customer experiences, search for 'starburst reviews' and 'starburst alternatives'. Our platform is designed for you to fully harness the potential of your data. Trust Starburst, and let us propel your data analytics to the next level.



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Manage and process various data workloads efficiently.

Generate insights from your data in real time.



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Justin Borgman


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