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Teradata Vantage is at the forefront of data warehousing companies, offering comprehensive data warehouse and analytics solutions crafted for a hyper-connected, multi-cloud world. We are committed to helping your business overcome today's most challenging data obstacles with our cutting-edge technology.

As a cloud data analytics platform, we're uniquely positioned to centralize 100% of your data on one connected ecosystem. With Teradata, you have access to insights any time you need them, equipping you with the ability to make informed, data-driven decisions that drive your business forward. We harness the power of Teradata cloud technology, enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence models to provide unparalleled insights.

Here's what Teradata Vantage brings to the table:

  • Building Reports: We simplify the process of generating detailed, insightful reports from your data.

  • Database Features: Our unique features enhance the capacity and performance of data storage and retrieval.

  • Data Management: We ensure data integrity, consistency, and security across your organization.

  • Integration: Seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring smooth data flow.

  • Deployment: Rapid deployment of our solutions into your business environment.

  • Performance: High-performance solutions that can handle large data volumes and complex analytics.

  • Security: We prioritize your data's security, implementing robust measures to protect against threats.

We believe in utilizing the power of Teradata vantage, as validated by the glowing Teradata vantage reviews we receive from our clients worldwide. Our mission is to unlock unlimited value by turning data into your greatest asset, making us an ideal partner for businesses looking for top-tier data warehousing solutions.


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Get consistent and easy access to distributed data with unified data integration and management.

Deliver more breakthrough performance, value, and growth across the enterprise with the most powerful, open, and connected AI/ML capabilities on the market.

Solve complex problems fast with the most extensive in-database analytic capabilities on the market.



Steve McMillan

Steve McMillan

President and CEO

Steve McMillan is President and Chief Executive Officer of Teradata and joined our board in June 2020. With more than two decades of technology experience, Steve is a seasoned executive with a track record of transforming enterprise services and product businesses into industry-leading cloud portfolio offerings. To each new position, he brings a relentless focus on driving value for customers and delivering customer satisfaction.
Claire Bramley

Claire Bramley

Chief Financial Officer

Claire Bramley is Teradata's Chief Financial Officer, responsible for leading the functions of finance, information technology, analytics and security, enterprise risk, and operations. Claire brings a proven track record of leading large-scale fiscal and operational disciplines, driving financial and strategic planning, and proactive risk management. With extensive senior leadership experience and deep acumen in corporate finance and accounting, as well as excellent knowledge of the technology industry, Claire joined Teradata after serving as Global Controller of HP Inc. There she was responsible for financial controls and compliance, external reporting, and coordinating directly with the company’s Audit Committee. Additionally, she headed HP’s Finance Strategy and Transformation efforts and oversaw Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis.
Hillary Ashton

Hillary Ashton

Chief Product Officer

Hillary Ashton is the Chief Product Officer for Teradata. In this capacity, Hillary leads the Global Products organization, a diverse team responsible for innovation, product management, engineering, and quality, ensuring that our hybrid multi-cloud platform delivers differentiated value to our customers and future customers. Her organization focuses on end-to-end oversight of all technology innovations at Teradata, including defining strategic direction for our hybrid cloud platform portfolio, engineering this strategic direction into high-quality products for our customers and delivering a world-class user experience. With a strong grounding in analytics, cloud, and leading-edge technologies, Hillary has proven contributions to expanding market share and increasing revenue.

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