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VCC Live, a globally recognized company, offers a feature-rich cloud-based call center software, perfect for businesses handling numerous telephonic activities. Our services, backed by advanced technology, are applauded by various industries, including financial institutions, telemarketing companies, and customer care departments, among others.


VCC Live brings you a powerful suite of services to enhance your customer interactions and streamline your business operations. Ease of use and the ability to understand customer needs sets us apart from the competition.


Our software features include:


  • Project Management: Effortlessly manage your projects from inception to completion.

  • User Management: Control accessibility and privileges for all users.

  • Quality Control Management: Ensure the highest standard of service delivery.

  • Team Management: Collaborate and manage your team efficiently.

  • Advanced Routing Methods: Smartly route calls to the first available customer representative.

  • Real-Time Statistics: Monitor and analyze call, agent, and CDR statistics in real-time.

  • Automated Emails & SMS: Boost your marketing efforts with mass emails and automated SMS.

  • Data Security: Safeguard your data with our robust security measures.


Our services are SEO friendly and designed to be easily understood by users. We provide telecommunication services for businesses of all sizes, helping them offer efficient support to their customers. Our software is not only used for customer care but also for telesales and debt collection.


With our predictive dialer, your team's productivity gets a boost while our call blending feature allows your representatives to handle both inbound and outbound calls simultaneously. Our interactive voice response tool enables the creation of menus to direct your clients to the right team. Moreover, our call recording capability facilitates easy customer conversation reviews to enhance service quality.


Keyword-oriented services, such as web help desk software, service help desk software, and basic help desk software, are integral parts of our offerings. With VCC Live, you not only achieve a substantial ROI rapidly, but you also stay within your budget, thanks to our cost-effective pricing. By integrating VCC Live into your operations, you are choosing an efficient, secure, and user-friendly solution for all your call center needs. Our experienced support team is available 24/7 to assist you and ensure a seamless experience.

Our software is constantly updated and improved based on customer feedback and industry advancements. This ensures that you always have access to the latest features and technology, giving your business a competitive edge.

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VCC Live enables businesses to communicate with customers across multiple channels, including phone calls, emails, SMS, chat, and social media platforms. This omnichannel approach allows for seamless interaction and efficient handling of customer inquiries.

VCC Live provides tools for managing inbound and outbound calls, including call routing, call recording, and call monitoring. Businesses can optimize their call center operations to ensure high-quality customer service and improve agent efficiency.

VCC Live offers an IVR system that allows businesses to automate and personalize customer interactions by providing self-service options, menu prompts, and call routing based on customer preferences and inquiries.

VCC Live includes live chat support capabilities, enabling businesses to engage with customers in real-time through their website or mobile app. Agents can respond to customer queries, provide assistance, and resolve issues efficiently using the live chat interface.

VCC Live provides a ticketing system for managing customer inquiries, support requests, and incidents. Tickets can be created, assigned, prioritized, and tracked to ensure timely resolution and effective communication with customers.

VCC Live offers reporting and analytics tools that allow businesses to track key performance metrics, monitor agent performance, and gain insights into customer interactions. This data-driven approach helps businesses identify trends, measure performance, and make informed decisions to improve service quality.


Tamás Jalsovszky

Tamás Jalsovszky

CTO, Co-Founder

Péter Málhai

Péter Málhai

Chief Experience Officer

Szabolcs Tóth

Szabolcs Tóth

Managing Director, Founder

Ferenc Hajmási

Ferenc Hajmási

Head of Product


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