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At VMware Greenplum, we're revolutionizing the realm of data storage and analytics. Our service, VMware Greenplum, is a trailblazer in the world of data warehouses, marrying advanced analytics with traditional business intelligence in an innovative and user-friendly interface. This outstanding tool, which is powered by the world's most advanced cost-based query optimizers, promises unmatched analytical query performance on massive volumes of data.

Our product is designed with your needs in mind - we provide a multi-cloud, massively parallel processing (MPP) data platform, the first of its kind in the world. This unique feature ensures that our service is not just a data storage warehouse, but a comprehensive platform where multi-structured data can be analyzed with ease.

Here are some of the key features that make VMware Greenplum stand out:

  • Multi-Cloud, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP): This feature allows for fast, efficient analysis of massive volumes of data.

  • Advanced Cost-Based Query Optimizers: This unique tool ensures unmatched analytical query performance.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Greenplum is not just a data storage space - it offers integrated, comprehensive analytics on all forms of data.

Our focus is to make data analytics accessible and understandable to everyone. With VMware Greenplum, we're bringing data analytics into the hands of businesses everywhere. Remember, when it comes to popular data warehouse tools, VMware Greenplum is a game-changer. Let us help your business harness the true power of data.


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Greenplum is available on leading public cloud marketplaces—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)—with “bring your own license” (BYOL) and hourly consumption models. It’s also available for VMware vSphere and OpenStack private clouds. Best of all, it’s the same Greenplum version and the same tools across all clouds for a consistent experience.

Dell Greenplum Reference Architecture is the most performant way to run Tanzu Greenplum in an on-premises deployment. It’s a VMware-certified and supported blueprint for Dell hardware configurations that replace proprietary appliances. Users can also deploy Greenplum on HP- and Cisco-certified configurations, as well as their own commodity hardware.

Machine learning, deep learning, graph, text, and statistical methods are all provided in one scale-out MPP database. Get expanded text search capabilities, supporting both lexical and AI-powered semantic searches, and high speed and feature-rich geospatial querying. Extensive support for R and Python analytical libraries, as well as Keras and Tensorflow.

Greenplum includes integration with the messaging and streaming ecosystem, such as RabbitMQ. Together with improved low-latency writes, Greenplum provides fast event processing for streaming use cases.



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