AWeber vs Mailchimp: Which One is the Best?

AWeber vs Mailchimp: Which One is the Best?

Do you compare AWeber vs Mailchimp? Which One is the Best? AWeber & Mailchimp, those are top rated email marketing platforms. If you’re trying to pick a ship in the email marketing seas. You have come to the right place. In this blog, We’ll introduce and compare the key features, pricing, reviews, inbox rate, benefits, and even some humorous aspects of both AWeber and Mailchimp. So, you can choose the best option for you.

We’re blasting off into a cosmos of awesome interfaces, fancy robots, and quests that actually pay off! But before you suit up, let’s plot your course and find the perfect email platform for your needs. Buckle up, we’re about to discover the email galaxy that’s your Ideal match!

What is Email Marketing Software?

Email Marketing Software helps you to connect your audience directly. It’s like a magic helper that builds emails, sends them out, and tells you how well they worked. Think AWeber and Mailchimp as two friendly pirates on this email ocean, each with their own special treasure to offer.

AWeber and Mailchimp: What do they do?

AWeber and Mailchimp Email marketing platforms offer to create, manage, analyze email marketing campaigns for businesses and individuals. Let’s explain those tools to you.


AWeber is an email advertising administration that helps organizations and people assemble and deal with their email records. It gives you tools for making and sending emails, automating email sequences, and evaluating how well email campaigns are performing. Here are some effective key features of AWeber.

Key Features

  • Email Mission Creation: AWeber permits clients to make outwardly engaging messages utilizing a simplified supervisor or HTML code. 
  • Autoresponders: Clients can set up computerized email groupings in light of client activities or a predefined plan. 
  • Email Investigation: AWeber gives examinations to follow email open rates, navigate rates, and other key measurements to survey crusade execution. 
  • List The executives: Clients can portion and deal with their email records successfully.


Mailchimp is a famous showcasing stage that offers a scope of administrations, including email promoting, showcasing mechanization, and site building. 

Key Features

  • Marketing via email: Mailchimp permits clients to make and send promoting messages, pamphlets, and robotized crusades.
  • Promoting Computerization: Clients can set up computerized work processes set off by unambiguous client ways of behaving, like snaps or buys.
  • Points of arrival: Mailchimp gives devices to make presentation pages for promoting efforts. 
  • Analytics: Mailchimp provides comprehensive analytics, including open and click-through rates, to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

AWeber and Mailchimp both are easy to use to take care of organizations of different sizes. Clients can pick the best suits their necessities in view of elements like highlights, estimating, and reconciliation capacities.

Ease of Use: AWeber vs Mailchimp

Choosing an email marketing platform that’s easy to use is crucial, especially for beginners. Let’s delve into how AWeber and Mailchimp stack up in terms of user-friendliness.


Simple Interface: AWeber boasts a clean and straightforward interface, making navigation and finding features a breeze.

Drag-and-Drop Editing: AWeber’s drag-and-drop editor allows for intuitive email creation without needing coding knowledge.

Streamlined Automation: Setting up automated email sequences (autoresponders) is relatively simple in AWeber, making it easy to implement basic email marketing strategies.

Learning Resources: AWeber offers a wealth of tutorials, articles, and webinars to help users get started and explore advanced features.


Modern Design: Mailchimp features a visually appealing and modern interface.

Comprehensive Features: While Mailchimp offers a wide range of features, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming for new users. Finding specific features might require some exploration.

Advanced Automation: Mailchimp’s automation capabilities are powerful but can be more complex to set up compared to AWeber, requiring more time investment for intricate workflows.

Learning Curve: Mailchimp has a steeper learning curve due to its feature-rich nature. However, they offer extensive resources to help users navigate the platform.

Our Opinion:

For Beginners: AWeber is the clear winner in terms of ease of use. Its simple interface and streamlined features make it ideal for those starting out with email marketing.

For Experienced Users: Mailchimp’s advanced features might appeal to experienced users comfortable with a bit more complexity. However, AWeber still offers powerful automation and segmentation capabilities for those who don’t require the most intricate setups.

In this regard, the best platform for you depends on your experience level and needs. If ease of use is your top priority, AWeber is a strong contender. However, if you’re comfortable with a learning curve and require advanced features, Mailchimp might be a better fit.

Aweber vs Mailchimp Pricing, Plan, Features

AWeber Plan

AWeber offers a comprehensive email marketing platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. Their plans start with an easy to use interface, making it simple for beginners and prepared advertisers the same. The platform is renowned for its efficiency in email marketing solutions, ensuring that you can seamlessly connect with your audience.

AWeber Pricing

AWeber’s pricing is designed to be flexible, offering both standard and premium plans. The plans include various features such as test subject lines, landing pages, and the added bonus of live chat support.

Whether you’re a startup on a budget friendly or a flourishing enterprise, AWeber’s pricing plans have something for everyone.

AWeber offers 4 particular plans with different costs and features-

  • Free: This plan permits you to work with a rundown of up to 500 supporters.
  • Lite: This plan starts at $14.99 each month. Empowers you to send limitless messages to one rundown. No limitations on the quantity of supporters.
  • Plus: Starts at $29.99 each month. Sends emails to an unlimited number of lists and subscribers at once. Features that aren’t included in the Lite Plan.
  • Unlimited: Month to month cost of $899. Gives the capacity to send limitless messages to a limitless number of records and supporters. Incorporates customized accounts the executives support from the AWeber group.

Mailchimp Plan

Mailchimp, on the other hand, lures users in with its enticing free plan. This is an excellent starting point for those testing the waters of email marketing. The platform has a reputation for simplicity and accessibility, making it a favorite among beginners.

Mailchimp Pricing

While Mailchimp does offer a free plan, it also provides standard and premium plans for users looking to scale their efforts.

The allure of Mailchimp lies in its user-friendly interface and the ease with which users can design and implement effective email campaigns. 

Mailchimp offers 4 particular plans with different costs and features-

  • Free: This plan is for nothing and is reasonable for clients with more modest mailing records.
  • Essentials: This plan starts at $13 each month, the Basics plan offers extra elements and is intended for developing organizations with bigger mailing records.
  • Standard: This plan estimated from $20 each month, the Standard arrangement gives much further developed highlights, making it reasonable for organizations with a significant mailing rundown and greater email promoting needs.
  • Premium: This top notch plan, beginning from $350 each month, is great for bigger undertakings with critical mailing records. It offers the most exceptional highlights and customization choices.

Email Marketing Features

To get success in your email marketing, you have to a clear idea about providers features & functionality. Here we mention how both tools perform in this regard.

Email Automation

Email automation is a powerful tool for nurturing leads and engaging subscribers with targeted email sequences. Let’s see how AWeber and Mailchimp stack up in this crucial area.


  • Strengths:
  • Advanced Workflows: Mailchimp offers robust automation capabilities, allowing you to create complex email chains based on various triggers.
  • Segmentation: You can target specific subscriber groups based on their interests or actions (e.g., product purchases, form submissions).
  • Customization: Mailchimp allows for personalization within automated emails, including adding subscriber names or product recommendations.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Complexity: Setting up intricate workflows in Mailchimp can be more challenging due to a less intuitive visual editor compared to some competitors.


  • Strengths:
    • Ease of Use: AWeber’s automation features (called “Campaigns”) are known for their user-friendly interface, making them ideal for beginners.
    • Basic Functionality: AWeber offers core automation functionalities like sending emails based on tags and subscriber actions.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Limited Features: Compared to Mailchimp, AWeber’s automation capabilities are less feature-rich. You won’t find advanced options like user behavior-based triggers (e.g., website page visits).

Our Opinion

Mailchimp Wins on Power: If you need advanced automation with extensive segmentation and customization options, Mailchimp is the better choice. However, be prepared for a steeper learning curve.

AWeber for Beginners: AWeber’s user-friendly automation features are perfect for those starting out with email marketing. While it lacks some advanced functionalities, it still offers enough power for basic email sequences.

Spam Testing

Mailchimp offers a third-party Inbox Preview tool, allowing you to see how your email will look across different email clients (like Gmail or Outlook). However, this feature is not free on cheaper plans. Surprisingly, Mailchimp lacks a built-in spam testing tool to assess your email’s likelihood of being flagged as spam.

Unfortunately, AWeber doesn’t offer any features for spam testing or previewing emails across different inboxes.

While Mailchimp’s Inbox Preview is a paid add-on, it’s still better than AWeber’s complete lack of such features. However, the absence of built-in spam testing remains a drawback for both platforms.

Several other email marketing platforms offer both spam testing and inbox preview functionalities, sometimes even on their free plans. If spam testing and inbox preview are essential features for your email marketing strategy, you might need to look beyond AWeber and Mailchimp.


Understanding your email campaign performance is vital for optimizing your strategy. Let’s see how AWeber and Mailchimp stack up in the reporting department.

Mailchimp Repoting Features

Extensive Data Tracking: Mailchimp provides in-depth campaign analytics, including opens, clicks, bounces, click-through rates (CTRs), and social shares.

Advanced Insights: It offers advanced reporting features like geo-tracking, e-commerce conversion tracking, and a click map to visualize user engagement with your emails.

Seamless Integration: Mailchimp integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, allowing you to analyze email performance within a broader marketing context.

User-Friendly Interface: Mailchimp’s reports are visually appealing and easy to navigate, making data interpretation a breeze.

But weaknesse is some advanced reporting features might be restricted on the free Mailchimp plan.

AWeber Reporting Features

Core Metrics: AWeber offers basic reporting on key metrics like opens, clicks, bounces, and CTRs.

Advanced Options: Similar to Mailchimp, AWeber provides advanced data like e-commerce and geo-tracking reports.

AWeber’s reports lack the visual appeal of Mailchimp’s, making data exploration less user-friendly. Accessing specific data points within AWeber’s reports might require more digging compared to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp offers a clear lead in reporting with its user-friendly interface, extensive data tracking options, and seamless Google Analytics integration. While not as visually appealing, AWeber still provides core reporting metrics and some advanced features.

Landing Page Builder

Landing pages are crucial for capturing leads and promoting specific offers. Here’s a comparison of AWeber and Mailchimp’s landing page builder functionalities:

Mailchimp’s landing page builder boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners to create landing pages without coding knowledge. Mailchimp allows you to integrate your landing pages with online stores, enabling direct product sales from your landing pages.

But mailchimp offers a smaller selection of landing page templates compared to AWeber.

AWeber provides a wider range of landing page templates, offering more design options to choose from. AWeber’s templates are still fairly easy to edit, allowing for customization to fit your brand and message.But AWeber’s landing page builder might have a slightly steeper learning curve compared to Mailchimp.

Customer Support

Having reliable customer support is crucial when choosing an email marketing platform. Let’s delve into how AWeber and Mailchimp compare in this area.

Mailchimp offers a comprehensive knowledge base with helpful articles, tutorials, and FAQs.

You can access email support on all plans, including the free plan.

Live chat support is only available during business hours and for paid plans. Free users lose access to phone support after the first month.

AWeber provides customer support via phone, email, and live chat, offering more ways to get help.Phone and live chat support are available seven days a week on all plans. Users generally report fast and friendly responses from AWeber’s support team.

If receiving prompt and personalized support is a priority, AWeber’s extended hours on phone and live chat offer an edge. Those who prefer self-service options might find Mailchimp’s well-organized knowledge base easier to navigate.

Aweber vs Mailchimp Reviews

Several key factors come to light when comparing email marketing tools like AWeber and MailChimp. AWeber excels with its superior customer service and robust email automation features, making it a favorite among experienced marketers who need advanced functionalities.

MailChimp succeeds again because of its easy-to-use interface and freemium estimating structure, making it a well-known choice for learners and independent companies looking for savvy arrangements. Both tools have pros and cons, with the final choice depending on your specific marketing needs and budget.

Aweber vs Mailchimp Inbox Rate

When comparing the inbox rate between AWeber and Mailchimp, it’s important to note that both platforms are renowned for their high deliverability rate.

  • AWeber: AWeber boasts a deliverability rate of over 99%, ensuring that your emails reach the recipients’ inboxes without being flagged as spam.
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp has an industry-standard inbox rate, typically around 90-95%. It is significant to recall that these rates can vary given differing factors like the nature of your email content, the standing of your IP address, and the recipient’s email server.

Aweber vs Mailchimp Affiliate Marketing

Regarding affiliate marketing, both AWeber and MailChimp offer unique advantages. AWeber’s affiliate program is renowned for its high commissions, providing a recurring 30% commission on referrals. Its comprehensive tracking system is also appealing to affiliates, as it enables the tracking of clicks, conversions, and earnings in real-time.

MailChimp’s affiliate program, MonkeyRewards, primarily offers account credits rather than cash. However, this can still benefit businesses using MailChimp extensively, as these credits can significantly reduce ongoing costs. Moreover, MailChimp’s extensive user base and brand recognition can lead to higher conversion rates.

AWeber’s affiliate program may be more lucrative regarding direct monetary rewards. Still, MailChimp’s offering can provide value in terms of cost savings, especially for businesses heavily reliant on email marketing. Hence, the choice between AWeber and MailChimp for affiliate marketing largely depends on the affiliate marketer’s specific needs and operating models.

When to Choose AWeber?

If you find value features like affiliate link support, live chat assistance, and a wide array of pricing plans, AWeber may be the perfect fit for you. It’s an ideal choice for businesses seeking a robust email marketing platform with diverse capabilities.

When to Choose Mailchimp?

If you’re just starting and want to explore the realm of email marketing with a free plan. Its simplicity, coupled with powerful features, makes it an excellent choice for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Other Email Marketing Tools

While AWeber and Mailchimp steal the spotlight, it’s worth mentioning that other email marketing tools exist. Depending on your unique needs, platforms might offer features that align more closely with your objectives. Explore other email marketing tools to see if there’s an unpraised hero that fits your needs better. The world of email marketing is very large, and your perfect match might be waiting in the wings.

Benefits of Email Marketing Software

Regardless of your choice between AWeber and Mailchimp, investing in email marketing software brings numerous benefits. These include increased brand visibility, targeted communication, and the ability to analyze and refine your marketing strategies.

Decision-Making Factors

Consider your business size, budget constraints, and specific campaign requirements when making your decision. Both AWeber and Mailchimp have their strengths, so choosing the right one depends on how well they align with your goals.


As we land our email marketing ship, remember that the decision between AWeber and Mailchimp ultimately rests on your unique needs and preferences. Each platform has its merits, and with the right choice, you can chart a course towards successful and impactful email campaigns. Happy sailing!


Q. Which is better, AWeber or Mailchimp?

A: The choice between AWeber and Mailchimp depends on your specific needs. AWeber may be more suitable if you value features like affiliate link support and diverse pricing plans. On the other hand, Mailchimp, with its easy to understand interface and free arrangement, is a magnificent decision for fledglings or those on a careful spending plan.

Q. What features does AWeber offer?

A: AWeber boasts a range of features, including support for affiliate links, live chat assistance, and diverse pricing plans. The platform is known for its easy to understand interface, making it open to the two amateurs and experienced advertisers.

Q. Does AWeber offer customer support?

A: Yes, AWeber provides robust customer support through various channels, including email support. Additionally, they offer live chat assistance, ensuring users have access to real-time help when needed.

Q. What is unique about Mailchimp’s free plan?

A: Mailchimp’s free plan is a standout feature, allowing users to explore email marketing without any initial cost. It’s a brilliant beginning stage for amateurs and independent companies hoping to try things out of email advertising.

Q. Can Mailchimp be suitable for larger businesses?

A: Yes, Mailchimp caters to businesses of all sizes, offering both standard and premium plans. Its versatility to a variety of business requirements makes it a viable option for larger businesses as well.

Q. What additional support does Mailchimp provide?

Mailchimp offers live chat support, allowing users to seek assistance in real-time. Mailchimp is a popular choice for marketers due to this feature, its user-friendly interface, and email marketing solutions.


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